Small Business Management Programme

Duration:  6 Months


  • Concepts of leadership and management
  • Team leadership versus management
  • Communication skills – interpersonal, verbal and presentations
  • Time management techniques
  • Planning, organising and goal setting to reduce stress
  • Working towards efficiency and effectiveness
  • Innovate, re-invent, re-organise, brainstorm
  • Operations management
  • Change the way you operate
  • Set new objectives that are really SMARTER
  • Work smarter and encourage greater effort
  • Setting and sticking to new objectives
  • Incentivise or “decentivise”
  • Corrective actions
  • Monitor or micromanage
  • Accountability
  • Creating corporate culture and values
  • The roles of management in an organisation
  • Having vision, self-motivation, motivation of team members, creating synergies between people, teams, and products,
  • Change management.
  • Creating a positive work environment that is sustainable
  • Performance management
  • Coaching for confidence
  • Strategic planning and business analysis
  • Scenario building
  • Enhancing productivity to improve a sustainable bottom line
  • Human resource management
  • Employee benefits
  • Policies and procedures
  • Labour relations
  • Marketing the 4 Ps
  • Direct marketing, selling, advertising and PR
  • Information technology
  • Company legislation
  • Contract law
  • Finance for non-financial managers
  • Basic accounting skills
  • Asset and stock management

One of CPMD’s core competencies is to design programmes to meet individual organisational needs.
Material, costs and dates would thereby be determined on request and dependent on the number of delegates, the extent of the programme, refreshments/meals, and where the programme is to be hosted.

On request and where possible, courses can be aligned to Unit Standards.

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