Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Duration:  3 Days


  • Financial accounting and management accounting
  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • The importance of cash flow
  • Profit and loss account
  • The importance of profit versus loss
  • Profit margins
  • Costing decisions and pricing
  • Investment appraisal
  • Asset turnover
  • Return on capital employed
  • Financial calculations
  • Financial ratios and trends
  • Improving financial performance
  • Planning and budgeting
  • The economic environment

One of CPMD’s core competencies is to design programmes to meet individual organisational needs.
Material, costs and dates would thereby be determined on request and dependent on the number of delegates, the extent of the programme, refreshments/meals, and where the programme is to be hosted.

On request and where possible, courses can be aligned to Unit Standards.

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